Orlando F. Mills, MD, MPH

Welcome to your Patient Centered Medical Home!

We meet in the Fall and the Spring of each year and are open to new members!  We meet on a Saturday and provide coffee and refreshments. We also give each Advisor a gift card to thank them for volunteering their time to be an Advisor to the Practice!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Patient Advisory Council, please email our team at [email protected] or call our office at 732-303-6455.  If you call, leave a message and we will get back to you.

Our mission and vision for the Patient Advisory Council is as follows:


To partner with you, our patient, to be our teachers.  To hear your voice, learn your opinion,

identify your needs and to see the office experience from your perspective.     

What is the experience of being a patient in our office?  Patients are valuable teachers from whom we can learn.  In each of our meetings we asked our advisors to think broadly about the practice as a whole.  We listened to the "voice of the patient" and made changes to our practice.

2014 Meeting One:  Summary of main topics discussed

1.   Billing statements are confusing and not always timely. The practice has since changed our billing company to resolve these issues.

2.  The Patient Portal Tab was difficult to find on the website.  We labeled it more prominently so you can find it.

3.  We needed to make our Portal instructions more clear - urgent messages should be called in to the office or answering service after hours. 
2014 Meeting Two:  Summary of main topics discussed
1.  Advisers informed the practice that “blast” messages about general health issues were not helpful. The practice has since stopped sending any general portal communications.

2  Advisers suggested an "agenda" for each office visit.  The practice responded by posting an "Agenda" in each exam room asking: Is there anything else that you want to discuss with Dr. Mills today?

2015 April Meeting: Summary of main topics discussed
1.  We "walked" through our website as a group. Advisers gave input such as more information on healthy meal preparation. 
2.  We distributed a Patient Education Handout to each of our Advisers and asked if these were useful, clear, easy to understand.  Our Advisers indicated that these were helpful, clear and easy to understand.  We will continue to develop similar tools. 
2015 October Meeting: Summary of main topics discussed:
1.  We discussed our Relaxation Room and our Care Coordinator's project "The effect of the relaxation room on reducing blood pressure". Stacy, RN presented favorable results at a Medicare seminar in December, 2016.
2. We discussed ways to prevent illness and asked for suggestions from our Advisers.  Suggestions included reminding patients when they are due and what is the recommended frequency for preventive measures such as colon screening, mammograms and pneumonia vaccines. We responded by developing an office posting called "Prevention Is Key".
Suggestions from our advisers included use of home remedies including soups and use of honey,dealing with stress and use of breathing and other relaxation techniques. We responded by adding patient education on "Healthy Eating" and "Stress Reduction".

2016 May Meeting:  Summary of main topics discussed:

We discussed "Pre-Visit Planning" with our Advisers.  Pre Visit Planning is a process of calling the patient prior to the visit to prepare the patient for the discussion on prevention and other measures that will be discussed in the visit. The patient can be sent information on the preventive tests and/or vaccinations that may be discussed in the visit with Dr. Mills.  All Advisers expressed that the Pre-Visit planning process is useful and not a burden to them if they are reached on the telephone.  Our second topic was Advance Directives and POLST.  All Advisers stated they had improved clarity on Advance Directives and POLST following today’s discussion. For more information see the Advance Directives tab on our website or check out  www.polst.org/advance-care-planning.  We also talked about phone calls to the office when you have a medical question, insurance questions, interpreting information on the internet regarding food choices and more.

2016 October Meeting: Summary of main topics discussed:
One topic was "telephone etiquette" and importance of the reception Care Team attention to the personal needs of the caller.  Our Care Team are educated to "escalate" phone calls for medication refills to Dr. Mills for advice and follow up. It is important for medications to be "followed" with an office visit for patient safety as dosage adjustments may be needed.  Medications should be brought in to every visit in the original bottles so that an accurate reconciliation can be performed.  Dr. Mills will always prescribe enough medication to make it to the next office visit safely. 
Question to the Advisers: Is the information you receive what you need and want? And Do you feel there is time available for you to ask questions?
  Advisers answered yes to both of these questions.
Finally we asked Advisers about opioid concerns in today's environment and all were in favor of pain education and medication safety agreements.
2017 May Meeting: Summary of main topics discussed:
In this meeting our Advisors suggested that our Portal was not easy to navigate. We have since updated our Portal instruction handout for new patients.  We asked our Advisors for suggestions on how to accomplish our quality initiatives, one of which is to help our patients who smoke stop smoking. We learned some valuable lessons from our Advisors who have have had family members quit the habit once and for all! Thank you Advisors!

If you would like to be member of our Patient Advisory Council, please call the office at 732-303-6455 or email [email protected]