Family Practice of CentraState at Iron Bridge

Dr. Orlando F. Mills and Kasey Leung, APN

Office, Urgent Care or Emergency Room; where do I go?

I need medical care!  Where do I go? 

Unless you feel you are having a medical emergency, when the office is open, Call Dr. Mills first!  We make every attempt to squeeze you in on day that you are sick. 

The following is provided to help you determine if you should see Dr. Mills, go to an Urgent Care (Walk In) Center or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Call or see Dr. Mills

“I feel like I need medical care but I feel safe to wait one to two days if Dr. Mills cannot squeeze me in”

  1. Rash
  2. Earache
  3. Cold or flu
  4. Sore Throat
  5. Medication refills or question
  6. Vaccinations
  7. Wellness screenings
  8. Chronic aches and pains
  9. Follow up to hospital or ER visits


When the office is open, Dr. Mills will advise you to go to an Urgent Care Walk-In Center or the Emergency room if he believes this is necessary.

Urgent care for immediate but not life-threatening issues

Urgent Care Walk-In Centers are ideal when you need medical care but our office is closed.   

Call or go to an Urgent Care center if

“I feel like I need medical care today but I feel safe to wait for a few hours and my provider is unavailable or I was advised to go to Urgent Care”

  1. Migraine/headache
  2. Minor injuries
  3. Accidents/Falls
  4. Fever over 101.5
  5. Broken fingers or toes
  6. Animal or insect bite
  7. Anxiety or panic attack


Emergency Department (ER)—for life-preserving, advanced treatment, call 911 or go to you nearest Emergency Room

“I feel like I need medical care now and do not feel safe to wait. It is a serious illness or life-threatening injury”

  1. Chest pain or pressure
  2. Difficulty breathing
  3. Sudden severe bleeding
  4. Sudden severe pain
  5. Sudden weakness on one side, difficulty speaking, loss of balance
  6. Sudden vision or hearing loss
  7. Vomiting blood
  8. Broken bones or dislocated joints
  9. Open wounds
  10. First time seizure
  11. Mental confusion, distress or thoughts of suicide
  12. Serious fall with head, neck, eye or other injuries
  1. Serious burns or electrical shock
  2. Sudden, severe headache or vision changes
  3. Newborns three months old with fever or other health issues
  4. Sudden pain or bleeding during pregnancy
  5. Suspicion of exposure to a communicable disease or virus


Local Urgent Care Centers

HAZLET phone: 732.264.5500 fax: 732.264.5554

TOMS RIVER phone: 732.281.3201 fax: 732.281.3215 

EAST WINDSOR* phone: 609.426.4300 fax: 609.426.4310

RED BANK phone: 732.933.4100 fax: 732.933.4120

Information before you go

In addition to your insurance card and ID, also bring along:

  1. A support person who can speak for you, if necessary, about your condition
  2. All prescription and over-the-counter medication list or bottles
  3. A list of any allergies, including anesthesia


Remember Call Us First

Patient Care Hours in Dr. Mills Office

Monday-Tuesday- 9am - 5pm

Wednesday; 9am - 12pm

Thursday- 10am- 7pm

Friday: 9am- 3pm

Saturday- Call for appointment; We will be closed on Saturdays after June 9, 2019.


If we are here, we will get you in unless Dr. Mills advises Urgent or Emergency Room care.  If we are closed, our phone message will direct you to our Answering Service or our on-call covering physician.